Our Philosophy

What started as a small idea to fulfill a personal need grew into a passion to empower and impact millions.

Having personally experienced the benefits of enjoying natural fats, reducing sugars, and maintaining a nutritional ketogenic lifestyle since 2014, Melissa Lorton founded KE to help others explore and maintain those benefits for themselves.

Our Purpose

KE exists to positively impact global health by empowering individuals through simple, sustainable innovations that challenge nutritional norms.

  • FOR those who want to improve their health through whole, minimally-processed foods with healthy fats and low sugar
  • KE delivers delicious, high-fat, medium protein, low net carb convenient foods
  • THAT support sustaining a nutritional ketosis lifestyle
  • SO no matter where you are, you can satisfy your cravings and sustain your quality of life goals.

Sustainable & Transparent

KE commits to sustainability and transparency across all levels--individual, community, and environmental--as we grow our dream and supports yours. Have a question or idea to support this goal? Please contact us, and we'll see if we can make yours a reality.