Hello! I'm Melissa, KE's founder and owner. I have enjoyed the benefits of the keto diet and nutritional ketosis since 2014, which inspired KE in 2017. Through KE, I'm committed to improving people’s lives—whatever your needs and goalsby making the lifestyle more sustainable with satiating, organic keto foods and by explaining the benefits of the keto diet. I love your keto stories and feedback on keto products. You are now my inspiration.

I maintain this resource section to help you learn about the keto diet in simple terms, to provide tips on sustaining a ketogenic lifestyle, and to offer recipes for making comforting snacks, dishes, desserts, and drinks with KE's keto food products. Please always work with a professional health practitioner as you navigate the keto world and maximize your health.


KE's keto foods focus on keto macros, taste, and sustainable practices.

KE offers a simple-to-make keto pizza crust mix—sturdy enough for all your favorite keto pizza toppings, two cravable flavors of keto bars (Chocolate Chip Keto Bar and Quad Chocolate Keto Bar), and crunchy keto granola in three unique varietiesChocolate Brownie Crunch, Cinnamon Nut Crunch, and Mexican Chocolate Coconut CrunchKE Pantry also sells the same ethically sourced high fat keto cocoa powder and keto collagen protein powder I use in KE's keto foods, so you can add to your favorite keto recipes and daily health rituals.

I won’t sell anything that I don’t personally look forward to and enjoy eating on a daily basis. My goal is to blow you away by the taste and texture of KE's keto foods, as well as the keto macros in each serving – high fat, medium protein, and low net carbs.


My favorite time is time spent in the kitchen. I love experimenting with different foods and drinks and converting traditional carb-laden favorites into keto-friendly choices. My versatile keto pizza crust mix can be used to make thousands of variations of tasty crusts, flatbreads, and crackers. I use KE's keto bars and keto granola in keto recipes to bring back chewy and crunchy to your keto lifestyle from breakfast to dessert.  I am committed to balancing and communicating keto macros for every recipe, so you don’t need to. I share my favorite keto recipes, and I invite you to send me yours, too, at for an opportunity for free keto products or even test keto products.


Ketosis is an amazing metabolic state in which your body burns fat for fuel and offers many potential keto health benefits.  Ketosis is easy to achieve for most people, once you understand keto diet basics, know which foods to eat, which foods to moderate, and which foods to limit. Your professional medical advisor can also guide you. For those new to the keto diet, you’ll find KE’s resources extremely helpful. Based on my personal experience following keto and answering thousands of questions along the way, I aim to explain keto simply, so you don’t have to be a scientist, nutritionist, or mathematician to understand ketosis and the keto diet.



Maintaining therapeutic ketosis or nutritional ketosis can not only improve your overall health, well-being, and energy. The keto diet can also help with a number of medical conditions. Read more... 

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