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Keto High Fat Cocoa Powder Sample

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Keto High Fat Cocoa Powder Sample

If you follow the ketogenic diet, not all cocoa powders are created the same. While most cocoas seek to squeeze the fat out, KE searched high and low for a high fat alternative that is responsibly sourced and delicious. The same ingredient that adds depth to our Quad Chocolate FatFor bar, KE Pantry’s High Fat Cocoa Powder sources mainly from high quality South American cocoa beans, contains 63% fat macros, delivers intense chocolate flavor with underlying tones of fudge and earthiness, and melts on your tongue. Use it in your kitchen to make indulgently satisfying keto chocolate smoothies, shakes, hot cocoas, mochas, fat bombs, truffles, mousse, cheesecake, nut butters, cakes, cookies, pie crusts, brownies – the only limit is your imagination. Our founder, Melissa, eats it in her grass-fed Greek yogurt with organic C8 MCT oil… or right off a spoon!

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‡ Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates Minus Dietary Fiber & Sugar Alcohols